Flyers & Brochures


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Few information about the flyers and brochures:

Flyers, Leaflets, and Handbills – for all intents and purposes, these terms are all interchangeable. Flyers – or leaflets and handbills if you prefer to call them that – are single sheet print materials. The usual size for flyers intended for posting is A4. Smaller sizes are far more common for flyers intended as handouts.

Compared with other forms of print promotions, flyers are a relatively affordable way to reach a localized group of people. As they are only single sheet prints, they can be printed and shipped overnight for rush jobs at affordable prices.

Flyers are most often used for:

  • Event announcements
  • Advertising openings for new projects, new activities, new locations, etc.
  • Fact sheets handed out at conferences.
  • As handouts and newspaper/magazine inserts
  • As information sheets, as part of a promotional campaign
  • Other general localized advertisements


Brochures unbound, multi-page print products. They’re normally created from single sheets and are often folded to create bifolds, trifold, and so on.


Producing folded brochures takes a bit more technical expertise than flyers, as the alignment of the folds and the proofing need to be precise in order to create a professional-quality product.


Due to the relative time and expense needed to create folded brochures, they aren’t normally given out as freely as flyers or business cards.


Brochures are popular for the following applications:

  • As reference materials for members and supporters
  • To follow-up other promotional materials for books, thesis and other larger documentation materials