The Romanian Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (RSBMB), Banat Branch has as its vision and mission to advance the sciences of biochemistry and molecular biology in western and south-western parts of Romania, around Banat region, by:

  • Advancing research and teaching in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology and related fields (such as biophysics, biotechnology, molecular genetics);
  • Establishing and supporting professional contacts and information exchange, including organization of meetings, workshops, and seminars, between scientists in these fields;
  • Editing and securing publication of the results of such meetings as the needs of the sciences indicate;
  • Providing assistance in obtaining fellowships and other support and awarding prizes to scientists, teachers, and students;
  • Providing the sponsorship and organization of special courses for advanced students in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;
  • Discussing of methods for the teaching of pure and applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the dissemination of information resulting from such discussions;
  • Organizing of the exchange of faculty and students between institutions engaged in research and teaching in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;
  • To broadening interactions between scientific activities in academia and their implementation in medicine, agriculture, food, environment and industry.